Friday, August 29, 2008

Ian goes to Kindergarten

Today was the day. My little man, Ian, had his first day of Kindergarten. He was so excited when he got up this morning. He got his shower and had his breakfast and could hardly wait to get to the bus stop.

His bus driver is very nice. (Although sadly, I didn't catch her name in the emotions of putting him on the bus.) He got right on and sat in the seat directly behind the bus driver. As she started to pull away, I had to turn away because I was starting to cry. The driver noticed and stopped the bus, opened the door and hollered to me "Don't cry Mom. He'll be fine!" It was nice of her to notice my emotions and acknowledge them.

Ian looked so big this morning and at the same time so small. It was surreal to be putting my little man on the bus for school. (Something that I am sure will become mundane before too long! LOL)

I cried as I turned my back and walked back to the house with Shan, Ian off to start school without us. Shan was very excited for Ian and so was I, but a part of me was sad that my baby was so grown up now. That step to Kindergarten seems like the first big step away from babyhood and into childhood. Even as I type this, it makes me tear up.

The good news is that he had a blast at school. He came home with as big of a smile as when he left and told me that he had a lot of fun at school. ( least he liked it! LOL)

Anyway, here are some pictures for you.

Thanks to all of you who said prayers for me and him today. I am sure they helped greatly!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jennifer and Hendrik's Engagement

Okay, so I know that these are a couple of weeks behind, but better late than never!

I met Jennifer and Hendrik at the Holden Arboretum in Kirtland, OH. The butterfly garden was very beautiful and Jennifer and Hendrik were a blast to work with! We had so much fun and laughed the whole way through the session.

This is what happens when you ask your fun loving client to lean on the fence and her her fun loving fiance lean in like he is asking her out on a date! LOL

Now even this took me by surprise and made me laugh out loud! I said "How about a piggy back ride?" And Jen responded with "Sure, jump on!" I told you they were fun!!!

I can't wait to do Jennifer and Hendrik's wedding next July. They are a really fun couple and I know we are going to have a great day!

On a side note:
We got the pictures done just in time because a huge storm blew in just as we were finishing. This is an image that I got as I was driving out of the park. (I actually pulled off the road and got out of my van to get this image. I just couldn't resist. I am a nut for weather and I was excited to have my camera on me and time to get the shot!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Congratulations Katie-Lynn and Bob!

Katie-Lynn and Bob were married on August 23rd. You couldn't ask for better weather or a nicer group of people to work with. The ceremony was at Holy Angels in Chagrin Falls and the reception was at Wellington Catering in Highland Heights.

We also had a chance to stop at Squire's Castle in the Cleveland Metroparks in Willoughby Hills to do some pictures. The group was really fun and we got some great images!

Thank you for such a great time Katie-Lynn and Bob!

Kindergarten Orientation

I can't even believe that I am typing this. My 1st starting Kindergarten in 2 days!!! Today was his orientation.

He got to go to his school, meet his teacher, take his rug and blanket for quiet time and put his crayon box in his chair pouch. He examined the classroom. He really liked the dome of bugs. (It was a plastic dome that has preserved bugs in it. He wanted to touch them to help them move, but we explained that they wouldn't move anymore.)

He did really well and I am happy that he likes his classroom. Hopefully I won't fall to pieces when I put him on the school bus for the first time on Friday.

Here are some images from his orientation.

Meeting his teacher, Mrs. Cole

Here is Ian introducing himself to his classmate Connor.
(I don't think Connor quite understood Ian's handshake. LOL)

Ian found his name on the Classroom Jobs list. I think he will do good with a job.

He liked finding the kitchen set to play with. (Sorry Dad! LOL)

Of course, he began playing with the kitchen by re-organizing it. He found dishes in the refrigerator and said "Those don't go there!" and promptly put them in the cupboard.
Same with the food. And the salt. LOL

Ian was fascinated with the Bug Dome! Go figure! LOL

Now he has found the workbench. (There you go Dad!) He screwed down that one piece of wood to make it secure! Even Shan couldn't get it loose...but that was before Ian told him that there was a nut underneath of it! LOL

This is why I don't ask my kids to look at me and smile.
This is what I got when I asked Ian to sit at his place at his table, look at me and smile! LOL

If you get a minute, say a prayer for Ian...that he will do well, fit in and be patient and quiet in Kindergarten. (Okay...that is probably asking a lot, but God can do anything, so it can't hurt to pray!) Also, say a prayer that I will make it through Friday! It is going to be a long, rough day for me too! LOL

More pictures to come on Friday!