Friday, February 29, 2008

Sleeping like!?

I am seeing a trend in the pictures that I take of Christian lately. It seems that I am photographing him most when he is asleep. (This could be due to the fact that he is almost 18 months old and refuses to be still for any pictures any other time! LOL)

So I thought I would grace my readers with yet another post of Christian Sleeping. Hope you enjoy it. (I just grabbed these shots with my point and shoot camera because I was afraid he would wake up before I could get my gear out.) And if you look closely...yes...he is sleeping...standing up! Poor Kid!


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Random Shooting

No...not the kind with guns. Just the kind that I am determined to do to keep my hands on the camera during wedding slow season.

So periodically, I will be posting random shootings. They aren't going to be of anything in particular. But they will keep me working on my techniques and playing with my toys!

Here is today's Random Shooting.

This is the calendar in our office. We don't exactly use it to know if we are available or not, but it does help us have a visual on where we stand. Each of us has a color (I'm red...go figure!) and we put pins in on the dates that we are booked for weddings. I love seeing all of the pins up there and I missed it terribly while we were moving. (And now that we are in our own house, we have it attached to a cork board so that we aren't putting tons of holes in our walls!)

Anyway...that is today's Random Shooting!

Until Next Time!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Free Wedding Package!!

Just thought I would throw this out there for any brides who may be planning a Destination Wedding for 2008.

I am offering my Gets you Covered package for FREE! (That is a $2000 value) It includes 2 photographers, Unlimited hours the day of the wedding, Unlimited locations the day of the wedding, a disk with watermarked web sized images (not suitable for printing) and an online gallery for your family and friends to see the images. All of that is free!!!

All I ask is that you pay for the travel to and from the destination for me and my 2nd shooter and provide us with a room where you will be staying for typically 4 nights. Lodging will vary based on location. We will even throw in some extra photography at your rehearsal!

Destination locations that qualify for this offer: Aruba, Jamaica...ooh I wanna take ya. Sorry...flashback. (Man I hope that doesn't show my age! LOL) Back to destinations.

Las Vegas
Virgin Islands

If your destination isn't listed on here, please feel free to contact me to see if your destination qualifies.

This is a great way to get fantastic photography for your destination wedding!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Moving...Competition...Birthday...and the Flu!

I don't think that I could have imagined that the last 2 weeks would unfold the way that did. We have been trying to finish moving out of the studio location and subsequently get settled into our home office. Trying to figure out how to get 2000 sq ft of stuff from the studio into a 150 sq ft office space at home is challenging to say the least.

Then add to all of that the deadline for entering the WPPI International 16x20 print competition which is tomorrow. That was surely something that we could handle...little did we know how much time it would really take. We had to select and finish the images, have them printed and mounted and get them shipped to California! Add in the fact that I really do love a challenge and I entered the Album Competition as well. So as of 1 hour ago (and around $800 in entry fees, printing costs and shipping) that is finished! Here are the entries that I submitted:

To Happiness

I'm Ready...and I'm Cute!

All I Need

Time Stands Still

You Can Dress Em Up...

Yesterday was my birthday! (Happy 31st Birthday to me!) Shan and the boys gave me my present early because Ian just couldn't wait! I got a Wii for my birthday and it is a lot of fun. We have been playing a lot of the sports games, but I am looking forward to seeing what other games we can get for it. Ian really enjoys playing it. (In fact, I am not sure that the present wasn't as much for him as it was for me! LOL)

I guess it was a good thing that I got my present the day before my birthday because I woke up at 6am yesterday with the flu! What an absolutely horrible way to spend my birthday and really a speed bump in the road that I don't need right now! LOL So as I type this, I am sipping my Sprite and trying to recover as quickly as I can so that I can get back to work!

So forgive us if we have taken longer to return phone calls and e-mails. We are really trying to get things back to running smoothly, but it will probably be at least another couple of weeks before things are totally back up to speed.

Hope things are better in your life! (Note to self: Get the flu shot next year! LOL)


Monday, February 4, 2008

Playing in my brothers room is exhausting!

Shan and I are busily working away in our new office, getting images ready for the print competition at WPPI. Christian was playing quietly in Ian's room and enjoying his train table and toys. (And without me knowing, a hidden box of Teddy Grahams!) Ian had gone downstairs to play and Christian continued to play by himself.

A little while had gone by and I realized that Christian was awfully quiet. I had a feeling he had fallen asleep. And when I went to check, sure enough, this is what I found.

I guess playing with big brothers toys is pretty exhausting! LOL


Growing Up

I knew it had to happen. I knew that from the day my children were born, they would start growing up. And I realize that it won't end either!

Ian has made another transition away from being my baby to being my big boy. He moved into his big boy bed last night! Thanks to the generosity of his Aunt Ashley and Uncle Aaron and his cousin Peyton, Ian now has a twin bed in his room. (They moved and didn't need it anymore and were very sweet and gave it to us! Thanks guys!)

It looks great in his room and both boys immediately wanted to be on the bed. Here are a couple of pictures of Ian's new bed!