Monday, July 21, 2008


Being the Mom of 2 boys, I knew this day would come. I knew eventually I was going to be taken out of my comfort zone and that I would get to experience things I had never done before. This happened this past week when we went camping for the first time as a family. And for me...the first time in my life!

We went down to Mohican which is about an hour or so south of us. We slept in our tent which was surprisingly comfortable given that the nights were nice and cool. The downside was that we had an open-field campsite. Being new to camping, I didn't realize how miserable this would be. But with temperatures in the mid 90's and full sun all day, open-field camping was horrible! We couldn't stay at our campsite at all during the day because it was too hot and too sunny. We spent a lot of time at the indoor pool and hiking in the woods to stay cool.

But the boys had a blast. Shan and Ian went fishing and Christian really enjoyed the playground. Shan tried to take the boys out in our inflatable boat, but Christian just isn't a boat fan. He screamed the whole way across the lake. LOL Shan and Ian did take a paddleboat out for a little bit though.

We cooked out and roasted marshmallows on the fire and made smores. I guess it was a very typical camping experience. And one that I do look forward to repeating. (Only never in open-field again! LOL)

Here are some images from our 3 day adventure.

WPPI 8x10 Competition

The WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) 8x10 competition was held in June. I submitted 12 images for this competition and I am pleased to announce that I received an Accolade of Excellence for 1 image. It is an amazing honor to receive this award. There were over 900 entries in this 8x10 competition!

Anyway, here is the press release for this award if you want to read it.

The winning image was taken at Luther and CarLisa Johnson's wedding on June 1, 2008. Here is the winning image "Baby...Don't Cry."

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through these competitions. They are very stressful but can also be very rewarding when others see worth in your images.


Congratulations Erin and Derek!

Erin and Derek were married on July 12th. They are a very sweet couple and I enjoyed spending the day with their friends and family. The bridal party was a lot of fun and the guys really got into having fun with the posing. The ceremony was at St. Matthew's Parish in Akron, OH and the reception was at St. Nicholas Banquet Center in Mogadore, OH.

Thank you both for having me be part of your special day. You were wonderful to work with!