Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

So the pumkin patch was a fiasco! Luckily, the pumpkin carving went much better!

Christian had a lot of fun watching Shan pull the "guts" out of the pumpkin. At first Ian wouldn't touch it, but he finally warmed up to the idea.

For the first time, I let Ian "design" his pumpkin's face. He wanted to carve it too, but the outside skin of the pumpkins was very hard and I was afraid he would hurt himself with the knife. (It was even hard for me to carve!) But I did let him draw with a crayon on the pumpkin and I followed his design exactly.

Christian scribbled on his pumpkin and then Shan created his own rendition of the face Christian created and carved his pumpkin for him.

And true to the nature of parents, the boys pumpkins were finished that night...and our pumpkins...are still sitting whole and intact in our foyer! LOL

Shan's helping the boys scoop out Ian's pumpkin. (Ian is holding a chinese soup spoon! LOL)

Ian's Pumpkin

Ian making the same face as his pumpkin! LOL

Christian's Pumpkin

Christian was really happy because Shan was tossing a ball with him! LOL (And yes, he isn't wearing shoes, but we were only outside for a little bit! LOL)

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Jamie said...

I love the picture of Ian making the same face as his pumpkin! What a great idea to let him design his own. I cheated and used one of those kits and it's a good thing because I got no help from Bryan this year!

I sympathize with your pumpkin patch trip. My boys never want to sit still to get pictures so I have to bribe them - want more candy? Ok, sit still for 2 more pictures please! :-)