Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Field Trip: Bauman's Orchard

As soon as I got back in town from my conference, we had a field trip with Ian's Kindergarten class. We went to Bauman's Orchard and then for a picnic and hike through the Firestone MetroPark.

It was really neat getting to ride on the hayride out into the orchard. Then we got to get off and pick a Fuji apple. (Which was delicious by the way!) Then the kids got to see them washing the apples, sorting the apples, the jugging room where they fill the apple cider jugs and the room where they fill the bags with apples for the store. They also got to go into the cooler. It was huge!

I feel very blessed that I can go on these field trips with Ian. I feel like such a part of his education and I still get to enjoy time with him even though he is at school all day now.

This is Ian hugging his friend, Mason.

Mrs. Puckett was nice enough to take a picture of Ian and I in the apple. Thank you Mrs. Puckett!

Here Ian is getting ready to go on the hike with his class.

If you get the chance to get out to Bauman Orchards, the apples are great! It is in Rittman, OH.

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