Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

On Sunday, we did our traditional Halloween trip to Boo at the Zoo at the Akron Zoo. I love going to Boo at the Zoo. It is nice to see the animals and it is such a safe and fun way for the kids to trick or treat. So enjoy some pictures of my little men in their Halloween costumes.

Ian wanted to be Bumblebee from The Transformers. (Funny thing though...he has never seen the movie!)

I chose a Puppy costume for Christian for several reasons.
1. He is known to walk around the house and lick things for no reason.
2. It looked super soft.
3. He knows what the Doggy says and is willing to share it with people. LOL
4. This is probably my last year where he won't have an opinion on his costume and I can still dress him up like a little one!
5. He just looks so cute in it...I am glad I did it! (Oh...and when he walks, the little tail wags! LOL

This is Ian showing me how Bumblebee transforms into a car.

Hey a family picture with all of us in it!!! (Thanks Dad for taking it for us!) Of course, neither one of my children is looking at the camera. LOL

Christian liked feeding the ducks. This one would take it right out of his fingers. Of course, I warned Shan that the sign said that they bite...and sure enough, the last one he gave the duck, the duck got a bit overzealous and nipped his fingers. No real injury though.

The boys always like this pop-up tube. If you look closely, you will see the top of my Dad's head in the bottom left corner. He is holding Christian up. LOL

I have a very similar picture to this when Ian was trick or treating when he was about 15 months old. Some things never change.

Ian and Christian rode the train together and Christian had this same somber look the whole time. Ian on the other hand, bounced around the train car like a real bumblebee! LOL Oh...but I know that Christian had a good time on it because he screamed when we took him out of it.

Of course, trick or treating is very tiring. Christian was asleep within minutes of getting in the car and was so tired, he was snoring! LOL


Jamie said...

Cute costumes and even cuter kids! We have gone to the zoo before for trick or treating and have always enjoyed it. Logan is into being scary this year so he chose an alien costume and I picked Spiderman for Landon. I'll post pictures soon.

Red Headed Mama said...

I love the pictures, they are TOO CUTE!!

Bumblebee is my favorite transformer, Ian has good taste! :)

Angela said...

Awww...Christian does look beyond adorable in his puppy costume! Noah is refusing to dress up, so we'll see how it pans out. I told him he should be spiderman since he is always "shooting webs" everywhere. (Yes, he loves to watch the adult Spiderman version with dad...mom is not always so sure if that is a good idea.) Aaron might be Pablo from the Backyardigans like brother was for the last two years..haha. It is blue/yellow and it just brings out their blue eyes so well!! Plus, it is soft which, as you say, is a good thing for wee ones.

Heather said...

Your kiddos are adorable!

Lisa Walsh said...

I LOL at Bumblebee transforming!!! I have Optimus Prime at my house, and he does the same thing!

Karol said...

I love the pictures! (I know I'm a bit late, sorry!)

Owen does the same thing with 'transforming'! *oyvey*

You've got some handsome boys, there!